Request for proforma invoice

In America, you can issue an invoice even if you are unsure if someone will pay. This is different in Europe. When you issue an invoice in Europe it has to be paid or else you need to add a credit invoice to make up for the balance.

Pro-forma invoices have separate numbers than the normal “true” invoice. When someone has to renew their hosting for example a pro-forma invoice is issued. The customer can see this and can pay this invoice. When the invoice has been paid the pro-forma invoice will change to a normal invoice and will receive the next available invoice number.

Please note a Pro-forma invoice is still different than the QUOTE / OFFER

Pro-forma invoices are different from quotes. When you issue a pro-forma invoice I would expect the following behaviour:

  • A pro-forma invoice can be paid
  • When it has been paid it will be converted to normal invoice.
  • It need to be possible to add recurring of a pro-forma invoice.

I’m not completely sure but the above seems not possible right now.

Can this be added in the next release? It would be so useful! Now I modified the QUOTEs to a PRO-FORMA type. But i need to manually create a quote in word now. It would be nice to have all 3 options available.

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