Auto Increment custom Invoice Number


I would like to make a custom auto incremental invoice number but wasn’t successful.
So I Want all My Invoice start with 2000 then auto increment to 2002,2003,2004… and so on.

I went to Invoice group and added this configuration:

But it didn’t work. when I create new Invoice I always get invoice number 2000 it doesn’t auto increment.

Please help

the format is wrong…
you need to uise the placeholder on
format de l’identifant


and put the next ID to your desired…

there are multiple placeholder you can use… year, month, day or just a normal string…

Thanks For the Reply and Sorry for the delay, I did what you asked me for and it did work but not as expected.

It start giving id’s like 25/26/27 but I would like to have id’s like 2005/2006/2007.

Here is some ss attached below: