Invoice marked paid but no money in my palpal express account

so I have a latest version of invoiceplane which is v1.5.11
I am based in US and I sent an invoice to my customer in Canada, he used the guest link to pay the invoice, it was declined initially, but later after he talked to the bank, the transaction go through. He choose not to be a paypal member and just used cc info to pay the invoice. He does have a pending charge from his bank.

Issue is
my invoiceplane shows that the invoice is paid, but there is no money in paypal, even there is no transaction showing in the paypal.
When I check the invoiceplane log file, I do see the entry.

Seems to be related to PayPal Error 13113:

Unfortunately I can not debug this from here. But this bug seems to be related to PayPal.
Also: what do you in the end want to do?
Let him anyway pay with PayPal?
Let him pay with Banktrnafer?

In the end you could just cancel the Payment or reset it and set it manually

if its paypal related, where exactly I can see that in paypal. in activity report in paypal I do not see anything like that.

its also a bug in invoiceplane as well, if the paypal return error message, the invoiceplane should not mark the invoice paid.

So I need to get the invoice reset first, I ask the client to keep checking on his pending charge on cc, once that drop, I will ask him to signup for a paypal account first and then attempt to make a payment using guest link.

can you please advise me how do i reset the invoice?
cancel the payment by going to view payments and delete would reset the invoice?


It depends on how you configurated it.
PayPal can even mark Payments as paid even if they are not paid, but when the amount of money is authorized.