Unable to create invoice and quote: URL: dashboard#

Hi there

I need some help.
Just installed IP 1.5.11 on Raspian.
All works fine, with one exception…Create invoice and quote
Every time I try to create an invoice the link go’s to http://my-domain.com/dashboard#

I have been searching for some info here about this, found some topics with problems in creating invoices, but none like mine.
Any idea?

Many thanks

Hi and welcome to the forum.
Do you get any error, and what does the dev-console say? There have to be any JS error in the console log.

By clicking on “Create Quote” there should pop-up a modal with a form. As this function is JS-based and does not work this is an indicator for JS errors

Hi and thanks for the express response :slightly_smiling_face:

yes, just I don’t understand why some of the links are been generated by JS and some not.
For example: the “add client” work properly.


I am allowed to put only one image in a post, so next in next post :slight_smile:




Next step, I will drop the database, and start a fresh install.

I see some other errors. related to “https/http”.

Please just use httpS and change your IP_URL to a URL with HTTPS because I think its not with HTTPS.

Please also make sure your server statisfies ALL requirements here → Requirements - InvoicePlane Wiki

This normaly is never needed. Just do this if you do not have any datas as everything (mostly) is stored in the DB.
JS errors/functions however are NEVER related to the DB

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Thank you for that.
I set all in apache to secure connection, but missed it in the ipconfig.php file
was http… on the IP_URL line

Thank you again and I apologize for such a stupid mistake from my side.

You are welcome. Have fun with InvoicePlane!

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