Username/password for the demo

Hey guys

Seems like you really don’t want anybody to access the demo of your application ;-).
First the link to the demo is unclickable (the button is deactivated). By using the browser tools to inspect the side one gets the url anyway. But then there are no credentials written anywhere.
Empty credentials are not accepted.
so hmmm how to access the demo?
I know I can install the application to try it out, but if I do that with each one I want to try out I will get nowhere…

Yeah since back in some month we took over InvoicePlane from the old Maintainers there also have been some data loss. And you are right, the Demo is atm not publicly accessable.

To make it again available for everyone we have to implement a automatised script which will reset everything once all 30 min or something like this. Untill we do not have this we will not share the login datas and the demo in first place will emain for internal tests.

Sorry to say so.

P.S.: try it out its an awesome piece of FOSS Software which will most probably statisfy your needs.

alright. I’ll give it a try. I’ll make it your personal responsibility if I don’t like it ;-).

But if you want to gain some reach, make the demo accessible again. If somebody wants to check out 10 different softwares, he will automatically dismiss any he’s not able to test in less than 5 minutes (At least for that kind of software). And state it clearly on your page, so nobody looses time trying to get the demo working.

For the reset:

  • Make a database dump.
  • make a cron job.
  • that cron job drops the database and replays the dump.

I know it’s dirty. And anybody already logged into the demo app will most propably get error messages. But I guess it’s better than no demo version, and it can be implemented in less than 15 minutes.
As long as you don’t bounce out new versions with database scheme changes all the time, that solution will do for a while.

Yesh but as using the App also would generate PDFs and alter and create files I plan to do it like this:

  1. setting up everything.(FTP & DB)
  2. implementing a cron …
    2.1 which will hard-import the DB
    2.2 which will create a new installation folder, place all files there, then rename the old one to “install-old” and the new to “install” and then remove “install-old”

This will ofc kick everyone out all x-mins but thats ok, then everyone knows thats it have been reset.
As soon as I have some spare time I will work on this

I prefer to store all files and stuff in the database. Makes backups and migrations so much easier…
Your resetplan, doesn’t sound too hard, one step more than mine ;-).

Right now the whole page and forum makes the impression of a soon to die project. (The one and a half month old meeting announcement which nobody attended to, doesn’t really help). At the beginning I wasn’t even sure if it’s worth asking for the demo version in the forum…