Graphical interface problem when going from HTTP to HTTPS

I have a display problem when switching my site to https as you can see on this screenshot I made. There is no longer graphic formatting. There is only text.
I am with the latest version of invoiceplan 1.4.11
For information, all my other sites that are on joomla, wordpress or other formats have no problem. The PHP version is PH 7.3. Same problem with other versions of PHP. But in HTTP no problem.
Do you have an idea of the problem?
Thanking you for your help

Such old versions are not supported anymore. Pls update to the latest version.
Also we need to know how this installation was set up?
With sources from GitHub or with the package from the Download-Page?

But switching from HTTP to HTTPS should not affect any version from InvoicePlane. Not even the old ones. You can PM me your URL and I will have a look

Oops! sorry i meant 1.5.11 i just installed :slight_smile:

I think I found your Problem.

Pls edit the file ipconfig.php in your root directory and edit the line with IP_URL from:



IP_URL=https://devis.domain.tld (with HTTPS, without www)

Also you atm use a sub-sub-domain. This is problematic with most SSL Certs. Pls use normal Subdomains. (just remove the www from your Domain and use the normal Subdomain, this is reffering to your PM)

After this it should work properly. Pls also edit the .htaccess to force HTTPS for more security

It works.
Indeed, I use a subdomain.
Thank you so much :grinning:

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