Disable Client Deletion

Is there any option to limit the deletion of clients? Actually what I need is, I have 5-10 members to add invoices to the portal. Its good the invoices can not be deleted once sent, is there any option to limit the deletion of clients once added?


I’m sorry, but you have to explain it a little better.
InvoicePlane has clients. If client has invoice it shouldn’t be able to be deleted.
Which functionality do you need then?

Just checked it. Indeed its possible to delete clients. No matter if they have open invoices or quotes. Let us evaluate how to fix this. Clients which do have payed anything or have any outstanding quotes should not be deletable.

Just clients you have never interacted with should be deletable. At least thats what in germany the goverment wants. If you have contacted anyone regarding a quote or invoice you are also allowed to save its data in your system and thats what you should do to proof all of your finances.

As this may vary from country to country we should probably add another option to the ipconfig.php file like:

# Enable the deletion of invoices

# Enable the deletion of clients

Let us talk about this and wait if other people also need this feature.