Quote xamout snd send invoice for deposit

Hi All, Just a question.

I have read the forum and faq through and could not get an answer, Hope someone can help me in that.
I created a quote for R5000 but the client wants to pay 50% of the quote upfront before I start to work the balance on completion.

Is there a way to invoice them for 50% of the quote?

Thanks in advance

Invoicing 50% is always wrong.You never should do this.

  1. You send a quote off 100%
  2. he accepts
  3. you can send him the invoice off 100% with a date it have to be paid somewhere in the future.
  4. he pays 50% and you add the 50% as payed.
  5. now the invoice is stating that 50% are payed and 50% are not payed yet.
  6. whenever you have finished work you send the same invoice to him where he sees what is payed and what he still have to pay

A more advanced “partial payment” does IPv1 not allow. But feel free to join whenever we speak about IPv2 and add this as a nice to have feature :slight_smile:

@M4rt1n thank you for the feedback. will do it as per your steps.
how can I keep up to date with IPv2 news and features any newsfeed I can join. to get notifications when you speak about IPv2?

what are the requirements for the self-host server to have to run IPv2 as I tried installing it and could not even get the setup files running :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Pls do NOT install IPv2 now. This is not the IPv2 which will be developed, this was a very early state from another Invoicing programm which Kovah wanted to take over as a base for IPv2 but this got abandoned.

About IPv2: everything is freezed right now due to the corona crisis as we all have a lot to do in our privat lifes. But as soon as everything will be back normal you will be notified here in the forum.