mPDF failed to load PDF document

Invoiceplane version 1.5.9
ubuntu 18.4
php 7.2
all prerequisites packages installed

After installing invoiceplane version1.5.9, mPDF occured a PHP error and display a black screen with a popup “Failed to load PDF document”

See below error code

A PHP Error was encountered
Severity: Notice

Message: Undefined index: host

Filename: src/CssManager.php

Line Number: 2229


File: /var/www/html/portail/renelsales/vendor/mpdf/mpdf/src/CssManager.php
Line: 2229
Function: _error_handler

File: /var/www/html/portail/renelsales/vendor/mpdf/mpdf/src/CssManager.php
Line: 148
Function: _get_file

File: /var/www/html/portail/renelsales/vendor/mpdf/mpdf/src/Mpdf.php
Line: 14710
Function: ReadCSS

File: /var/www/html/portail/renelsales/application/helpers/mpdf_helper.php
Line: 97
Function: WriteHTML

File: /var/www/html/portail/renelsales/application/helpers/pdf_helper.php
Line: 258
Function: pdf_create

File: /var/www/html/portail/renelsales/application/modules/quotes/controllers/Quotes.php
Line: 193
Function: generate_quote_pdf

File: /var/www/html/portail/renelsales/index.php
Line: 325
Function: require_once```

Hi guy’s
I found this in another issue and it’s run now.

Open this file /application/helpers/mpdf_helper.php and change
$mpdf->WriteHTML((string) $html);
error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE);
$mpdf->WriteHTML((string) $html);

You can close this

This actually is just bypassing the real issue.

If you google for

The first result is this:

There is stated that your HTML Document most probably is not formed well and mPDF most probably can not work with some of the use CSS/HTML parts.
This is happening in Line 2229 so pls just double check everything there is working fine

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