Create Quote with many variables

Hi to all, this is a great community and really i understand the big effort and time spent on this,i have a suggestion since i am an electrical engineer and i am looking to create quotes for my clients with detailed report of the individual price for each component.
Bellow is an example of what i am using now in excel to create the quotations which in the specific example i have many variables until i reach to the final price. also this photo represents a group of material in order for me to conclude on the actual material cost, labour cost, overhead cost, profit etc. so what is needed is to have the opportunity to create a layout with a group of products to represent one.
My list of materials is huge so i would like also to be able to upload a csv file and create my database of materials.
i have to create new input boxes with ready from database values and i would like also to be able to change manually these values.

Any way to implement this? some help please

It’s quite complicated to do this in InvoicePlane V1.
I wouldn’t even know where to start with most likely custom fields for the products

Well i thought i try my luck if there is a way. For now we are stuck in excel!