Pdf downloading error?

Hi InvoicePlane forum

I have a problem when downloading the pdf of created invoice.
The problem is :

Here is the log file: <?php defined('BASEPATH') OR exit('No direct script access allowed'); ?>ERRO - Pastebin.com

The problem is that when i click to download the pdf of the invoice i receive the error i attached above, but the invoice is created in \uploads\archive

Sorry if there is a topic like that but i didn’t found it.

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Pls always give us some more infos about your System.

Which OS?
Which OS version?
Which PHP version?
Which InvoicePlane version?

But just at looking at the Screenshot you proved I would guess you are using:

a.) v1.5.9 (or older) with PHP 7.3 (or newer)
b.) 1.5.10 with PHP 7.4

v1.5.9 is just compatible with PHP 7.0-7.2
v1.5.10 is compatible with PHP 7.0-7.3
v1.5.11 will be compatible with PHP 7.0-7.4 (not released yet)

So to make sure everything is working fine pls set PHP to v7.2 or (if on v1.5.10) set to v7.3

Pls report back if this solved your problem