Wysiwyg editor for product descriptions and textareas

I have replaced the product description with a WYSIWYG editor for our needs. We need this because our products (services) have to be described in more detail. For this we also use e.g. listings and headings. We also use a text field for the cover letter on the offers.

As a result we are quite flexible in the design of our offers.

Would it be interesting for the community to include this function?

Here are some screenshots of my modification.

The final quote will look like this: click here

This is a great idea. In my opinion, since an enhancement such as this is so unique, I would recommend it be a setup option to enable it and that there be a button that displayed the WYSIWYG editor in a modal to edit so that it’s not so crammed in the small space allotted for the description.

Could you make a pull-request for the 1.6 branch?
We can bring that with the 1.6 version once it comes out.

It looks great!