Custom variables in PDF

InvoicePlane Version: 1.5.10
PHP Version: 7.1.1

Every country has it’s own rules about the invoices so in my country i need to display some extra client’s info in the invoice/pdf
Up until now using version 1.4.3 i could do this by creating Custom Fields in the backend and adding a litle bit of code in my pdf template

<?php if ($invoice->client_custom_european_costumer_country) {echo $invoice->client_custom_european_costumer_country . '<br/>';} ?>

After updating to ver. 1.5.10 when i create an invoice it does not display the variable any more and it gives me errors:
A PHP Error was encountered
Severity: Notice
Message: Undefined property:stdClass::$client_custom_european_costumer_country

How can i display my custom fields in my invoices in version 1.5.10?

Found It

<?php if ($custom_fields['client']['European Costumer Country']) {echo $custom_fields['client']['European Costumer Country'] . '<br/>';} ?>