The UI won't show up properly

EDIT: Some nice folks over at the slack channel handled my request very quickly, so this topic may be deleted :slight_smile:


I just set up InvoicePlane and it looks like this:

I suppose it to look like this:

How can I solve this issue?

Thanks in advance!

This is generally a sign that some CSS file is not being loaded. Are the links clickable to correct, working URLS. If not, then this will point to perhaps your web site url no being set properly.

If you know how, bring up the developer console and look for 404s in the notwork tab. Alternatively view the page source and try clicking the urls of the CSS files to see what they are pointing to.

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@crafter thanks, this problem is already solved. We chatted in Slack.

Solution was:
he was not using the PreBuild Packages (Releases) but cloned the Git Repo and expected it to work out of the box.
But out of the Box just the Releases are working, thats why we provide them.