Getting together to discuss InvoicePlane V2

It’s time to work on InvoicePlane V2.

We will be starting from scratch.

Since we want the entire community involved we thought we could meet up on Slack or any communication platform to discuss who does what.

If you don’t know how to program in the PHP language, don’t worry, there’s room for everyone.

The get together will be on March 1st and I’m here to answer any questions.


Will there be an upgrade path from the current v2 alpha? 2.0.0-alpha1

What’s up Dog.

I’d love to catch up on updates and giving my little spare coding time to such great project!

March 1st is still on?

@projectambitious Yep, still on. We’re probably going to do it on Discord so we can hear each other’s opinions.
If you can install some form of docker before that, it would be great.
I usually dump all my projects in a ~/projects directory and point my docker to that, so I can launch multiple projects with 1 docker-compose

Hi all,
We’re meeting online tomorrow to discuss InvoicePlane V2.
It’s going to be on, so install the app on your PC, Mac, phone and join the fun!

I’ll announce the meeting id here and in Slack.
Time will be determined

To prepare for the meeting ask yourself this:

  • what do I want to put into InvoicePlane V2? (Products, Services, Projects, Customers, Invoices)
  • what do I want to get out of InvoicePlane V2?
    Overview, easy payment from the customers (stripe), which products are sold best? Which customers buy the most? How are my projects going?

We will start at 14:00 Amsterdam timezone, which is GMT+1. Check your local times.
I know we have a lot of European users, so I noted the European timezone first

Topic: InvoicePlane V2
Time: Mar 1, 2020 02:00 PM Amsterdam

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 974 122 7271

will this have most features what other billing software’s have?

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