Thanks for trusting in InvoicePlane! We just reached 5000 Downloads

Since InvoicePlane came back to life at the 01.01.2020 the Website and the Forum is working again and also do get maintained.
Some parts of InvoicePlane are still not back in our hands, but we are working on it!

Also we lost our Download counter which was at about 180.000 (last proofen counter btw is 152.594) downloads.
Anyway we decided not to set him back to the old counter. But just one month later we already do have a counter of 5.000!! Thats why we @Kovah, @clockwiseq, @UnderDog and me (@Martin_Anonym) wanted to thank you guys for trusting in InvoicePlane and showing interest in it.

So 1 hour ago I just noticed we already do have about 4.990 Downloads. So I wanted to see the count jumping on 5.000 and yes … my F5 button is burning :smiley:

If you did not see this worldchanging scenario dont worry I kept everything on Screenshots so you guys can enjoy it also.



More then the half of the downloads belong to v1.5.10

Thank you all!

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