Invoices with balances not showing in Enter Payments after upgrade to 1.5.10

I just upgraded to 1.5.10 and now when I go to the Payments->Enter Payments screen and I click on the Invoices drop down I don’t see any Invoices available to apply payments. I do have Invoices with balances but they don’t show here anymore.

Thanks for any help.

For me this function is still working and I’m on v1.5.10 aswell.

This seems to me to be a Error related to another JS error. (read HERE under “Knows behaviours”)
Pls hard reLoad your Page in the Backend/Dashboard. (CRTL + F5)
Then try again.

Also pls tell me if you are seeing any JS errors in the console (Developer Console in your Browser)

I tried the hard refresh with no luck and not getting any errors in the console. However I did also find that when creating a new Invoice or Quote I don’t see my Client’s. So now it makes me think it’s something in fetching the data in the dialogs. All of the screens that list data like View Clients and View Invoices work fine.


First: pls turn on Debug (like described HERE) and check if anything is getting posted to your Console or Log now.

Do you think its possible to give me access on your IP Installation?

Pls also answer these questions:

  1. do you use IP in stock config or any modules/custom things done?
  2. which OS do you use?
  3. which PHP version do you use and have you installed ALL needed PHP extensions?
  4. have you performed the Update to v1.5.10 as described HERE?
  5. from which version have you updated?

I turned on Debug and still not getting anything in the console.

I will give you access to the site. Do you want access to the App or FTP access or what type access?


  1. Stock configuration
  2. Server OS is windows server 2016
  3. I have tried 5.6 through 7.1
  4. Yes.
  5. 1.4.10

I did find one additional bit of information when going through the requirements on the web site.

These 2 extensions are not loaded on the hosts server.


Would need App, FTP Access and access to the ServerLogs.
(Pls change your password befor sending it to me and change it afterwards again.)

Pls contact me with a PM and send me the needed infos.

I will have a look.
Normaly you should install all of the needed extensions, but I will have a look if it is related to the missing extensions.

Edit: I deactivated these two PHP extensions at my setup and open payments are still showing up when I enter payments.

This Issue is solved as @boblittle58 was refering to Invoices in “Draft” state/status which are getting excluded where you can add payments.

The solution is to change the state/status from Invoices to “Sent” or “Viewed” then they will pop up.
So this is not an issue nor a missbehaviour of v1.5.10

Best regards.

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