PDF download error

I got this error massage when I’ve clicked on PDF download button
here a pictures explannig :
PS I’m using :

**InvoicePlane Version 1.5.9 **
PHP Version 7.4.1
Server informations: XAMPP for Windows 7.4.1 (Localhost)

Please Help !

Pls read the docs.
IPv1.5.9 does maximum support PHP 7.2.x
IPv1.5.10 does maximum support PHP 7.3.x

Pls switch for Version 1.5.9 to PHP 7.2
After the Update to IP v1.5.10 you can switch to PHP 7.3

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The next release anyway will support PHP 7.4 but for now pls stick with PHP 7.2 as it can run all of the latest versions without problems.

wait I’ll remove xampp and re-install it with older php version … I’ll be right back