PreRelease v1.5.10

Hi community,
after 2 years now is the time we (the new maintainers) want to announce the PreRelease of the next Release.

Some things to clarify:

  • this PreRelease will stay a PreRelase untill sunday, if no Bugs are detected it will automatically convert to a official release and will then also be checkable via SystemUpdates
  • without @Kovah’s help we could not manage to get IP back on track as he helped us to gain access to all the systems and gave us access to the sourcecode of all his own programmed systems we need to maintain IP. So a very very big thanks to him at this point.

Note: This (Pre)Release does not bring any new features to InvoicePlane nor a newe look, but is made to bring InvoicePlane back on track and to close some very critical issues, but also to support PHP 7.3 and to base on the newest versions of the used libraries/dependencies.

Why is this a Pre-Release?

  • because we decided to involve the community more into everything, especially when it comes to Releases.
  • this way you can test the new release before it rolls out to everyone, and report any bugs if you find any. Pls notice that we already tested the Release and fixed a lot of things, so most probably you will not find any bugs (hopefully).

The Game:
Before posting the changelog and all the other boring stuff here a quick fun fact :smiley:
This PreRelease includes an EasterEgg. The one who finds it first and writes me the “code” will be announced here as the winner of the EasterEgg game, let the games begin :hugs:

Winner of the EasterEgg Game:

— NOBODY YET — (code of proof: #########)



Installlation instructions:

  1. Backup FTP and DB!!!
  2. download the new Version (LINK)
  3. place it in your root directory
  4. Edit the file ipconfig.php and set DISABLE_SETUP to false
  5. unpack the file and overwrite all files existing with it
  6. navigate to (or and follow the Steps.
  7. login, navigate to System SettingsUpdates and check if it states the version 1.5.10
  8. change your PHP version to 7.3.x and have fun testing out the brand you up to date IPv1.5.10

Known issues/behaviours:

  1. If you see this Error in the Console:

    you have to force-reload after loged in. This happens because we updated a lot of dependencies and you will have to reload the files:
  • /assets/core/js/dependencies.min.js
  • /assets/core/js/scripts.min.js

Notice: if you run IPv1 behind CloudFlare you will most probably have to clear the CloudFlare proxy Cache for these two files to take effect.

If you did not reloaded the Files you will not be able to:

  • Click-To-Copy any Links
  • Click-To-Insert any variables into any Email template.

So if you encounter any of these two issues, just reload the Page with Ctrl + F5






The (full) Changelog:


(⭡) IP-766 - Bootstrap Update to close XSS vulnerability (5fbfebc)
(⭡) Improved Docker support (e484105)
(⭡) Improved Version comparisson and fixed it for 4 digits releases (eg. 1.5.10) (f6e1179)

(+) Added PHP 7.3 support (dd461d9, 6d0ad89, 99c8f15, 9b3bc87)
(+) Added as failover for for all critical operations (f6e1179)
(+) Check Updates on (failover) if .com fails (62c21f3)
(+) Check News on (failover) if .com fails (62c21f3)


Codeigniter Framework (v3.1.8 => v3.1.11)
PHPMailer (v6.0.5 => v6.1.4)
setasign/fpdi (v1.6.2 => v2.2.0)
omnipay/authorizenet (v2.5.1 => v2.6.0)
omnipay/dummy (v2.1.2 => v2.2.0)
omnipay/firstdata (v2.4.0 => v2.4.1)
omnipay/netaxept (v2.3.0 => v2.4.0)
omnipay/payflow (v2.3.0 => v2.3.1)
omnipay/paymentexpress (v2.2.1 => v2.2.2)
omnipay/securepay (v2.1.1 => v2.2.0)
paragonie/random_compat (v2.0.12 => v2.0.18)
psr/log (v1.0.2 => v1.1.2)
symfony/event-dispatcher (v2.8.38 => v2.8.52)
symfony/http-foundation (v2.8.38 => v2.8.52)
symfony/polyfill-mbstring (v1.7.0 => v1.13.1)
symfony/polyfill-php54 (v1.7.0 => v1.13.1)
symfony/polyfill-php55 (v1.7.0 => v1.13.1)
vlucas/phpdotenv (v2.4.0 => v2.6.1)


ansi-styles (v3.2.0 => v3.2.1)
are-we-there-yet (v1.1.4 => v1.1.5)
array-differ (v1.0.0 => v3.0.0)
array-union (v1.0.2 => v2.1.0)
arrify (v1.0.1 => v2.0.1)
asn1 (v0.2.3 => v0.2.4)
assert-plus (v0.2.0 => v1.0.0)
autoprefixer (v7.2.6 => v9.7.3)
aws-sign2 (v0.6.0 => v0.7.0)
aws4 (v1.6.0 => v1.9.0)
bcrypt-pbkdf (v1.0.1 => v1.0.2)
bootstrap-datepicker (v1.8.0 => v1.9.0)
bootstrap-sass (v3.3.7 => v3.4.1)
brace-expansion (v1.1.8 => v1.1.11)
browserslist (v2.11.3 => v4.8.2)
bytes (v2.2.0 => v1.0.0)
caniuse-lite (v1.0.30000808 => v1.0.30001017)
caseless (v0.11.0 => v0.12.0)
chalk (v2.3.0 => v2.4.2)
clipboard (v1.7.1 => v2.0.4)
color-convert (v1.9.1 => v1.9.3)
combined-stream (v1.0.6 => v1.0.8)
commander (v2.13.0 => v2.20.3)
debug (v2.2.0 => v3.2.6)
diff (v3.4.0 => v3.5.0)
dropzone (v5.4.0 => v5.5.1)
ecc-jsbn (v0.1.1 => v0.1.2)
error-ex (v1.3.1 => v1.3.2)
esprima (v2.7.3 => v4.0.1)
extend (v3.0.1 => v3.0.2)
form-data (v2.1.4 => v2.3.3)
fstream (v1.0.11 => v1.0.12)
gaze (v1.1.2 => v1.1.3)
get-caller-file (v1.0.2 => v1.0.3)
globule (v1.2.0 => v1.3.0)
graceful-fs (v4.1.11 => v4.2.3)
grunt (v1.0.2 => v1.0.4)
grunt-contrib-clean (v1.1.0 => v2.0.0)
grunt-contrib-uglify (v3.3.0 => v4.0.1)
grunt-known-options (v1.1.0 => v1.1.1)
grunt-legacy-log (v1.0.0 => v2.0.0)
grunt-legacy-log-utils (v1.0.0 => v2.0.1)
grunt-legacy-util (v1.0.0 => v1.1.1)
gzip-size (v1.0.0 => v3.0.0)
har-validator (v2.0.6 => v5.1.3)
has-flag (v2.0.0 => v3.0.0)
hosted-git-info (v2.5.0 => v2.8.5)
http-parser-js (v0.4.9 => v0.4.10)
http-signature (v1.1.1 => v1.2.0)
iconv-lite (v0.4.19 => v0.4.24)
inherits (v2.0.3 => v2.0.4)
jquery (v3.3.1 => v3.4.1)
js-base64 (v2.4.3 => v2.5.1)
js-cookie (v2.2.0 => v2.2.1)
js-yaml (v3.5.5 => v3.13.1)
livereload-js" (v2.3.0 => v2.4.0)
load-grunt-tasks (v3.5.2 => v5.1.0)
lru-cache (v4.1.1 => v4.1.5)
maxmin (v1.1.0 => v2.1.0)
mime-db (v1.30.0 => v1.42.0)
mime-types (v2.1.17 => v2.1.25)
ms (v0.7.1 => v2.1.2)
multimatch (v2.1.0 => v4.0.0)
nan (v2.8.0 => v2.14.0)
node-gyp (v3.6.2 => v3.8.0)
node-sass (v4.7.2 => v4.13.0)
normalize-package-data (v2.4.0 => v2.5.0)
oauth-sign (v0.8.2 => v0.9.0)
pkg-up (v1.0.0 => v3.1.0)
postcss (v6.0.21 => v7.0.26)
postcss-value-parser (v3.3.0 => v4.0.2)
pretty-bytes (v1.0.4 => v3.0.1)
process-nextick-args (v1.0.7 => v2.0.1)
punycode (v1.4.1 => v2.1.1)
qs (v5.1.0 => v6.9.1)
raw-body (v2.1.7 => v1.1.7)
readable-stream (v2.3.3 => v2.3.6)
request (v2.79.0 => v2.88.0)
resolve (v1.1.7 => v1.14.1)
resolve-from (v2.0.0 => v5.0.0)
resolve-pkg (v0.1.0 => v2.0.0)
rimraf (v2.2.8 => v2.6.3)
safe-buffer (v5.1.1 => v5.2.0)
select2 (v4.0.5 => v4.0.12)
semver (v5.5.0 => v6.3.0)
spdx-correct (v1.0.2 => v3.1.0)
spdx-expression-parse (v1.0.4 => v3.0.0)
spdx-license-ids (v1.2.2 => v3.0.5)
sprintf-js (v1.0.3 => v1.1.2)
sshpk (v1.13.1 => v1.16.1)
stdout-stream (v1.4.0 => v1.4.1)
string_decoder (v1.0.3 => v0.10.31)
supports-color (v5.3.0 => v5.5.0)
tar (v2.2.1 => v2.2.2)
tiny-emitter (v2.0.2 => v2.1.0)
tiny-lr (v0.2.1 => v1.1.1)
tough-cookie (v2.3.3 => v2.4.3)
true-case-path (v1.0.2 => v1.0.3)
tunnel-agent (v0.4.3 => v0.6.0)
uglify-js (v3.3.9 => v3.7.3)
underscore.string (v3.2.3 => v3.3.5)
uuid (v3.2.1 => v3.3.3)
validate-npm-package-license (v3.0.1 => v3.0.4)
websocket-driver (v0.7.0 => v0.7.3)
which (v1.2.14 => v1.3.1)
wide-align (v1.1.2 => v1.1.3)


  • no changes! (you will have to run DB migration anyway)




Best regards,
@clockwiseq, @UnderDog and @Martin_Anonym

PS: some other announcements are coming in the next time and a roadmap for complete IPv1 and later also for IPv2. - stay tuned!

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About bloody time. Let’s get this project moving again. Lot’s to catch up on.