Admin & End User Translated GUI

I installed InvoicePlane today using Softaculous installation.
I changed the language in the System Configuration but the GUI remains in English.
I did try to change the language in the config.php file and it worked, but not for all pages.
Would you mind helping me?
Marcos Silveira

Details of what worked and what didn’t will go a long way to understanding what the issue is.

Login page, Dashboard, and all other pages. In the Settings menu (right), only System Settings worked, The other links not worked

The error messa is:

An Error Was Encountered

Unable to load the requested language file: language/Portuguese Brazilian/pagination_lang.php

Solved. The solution after Crafter’s tip was to copy the file vendor/codeigniter/framework/system/language/english/pagination_lang.php to the Portuguese Brazilian language folder.

I should add the missing file means the translation was incomplete. Someone (?) should take the time to start the translation effort.

Additionally, the application should not have failed due to the missing file, and should have relied on files in the vendor directory as a tailback.

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@xyzinformatica Thank you for this topic. Is there a way you can help with translating to Brazlian Portuguese language?

Hi. Yes. Please let me know the files that are not translated. Everything is ok for me