An Apology from Severenth

Its been well spoke of and wondered, where the hell have I been.

Over the last 6 months, my business partner took it upon himself to undo all the business works I’ve been doing, to also go behind my back and for the fun of it, sleep with my now ex-fiancé and get her pregnant, and force her through a termination, leaving me with our now 6-month-old baby, homeless for a short while and more recently had my personal computer stolen.

I also need to apologize to @Kovah for having to go so far to help the community that he has and hopes he will accept this apology along with compensation for his time and money he’s put into it recently.

The results of all this have had such a detrimental impact on peoples feelings on the project going forward, whether it is still happening, are we still moving forward.

I hope to work with @Kovah & @clockwiseq to make this happen, along with the other people who have also contributed their time and efforts into this.

My next step is to get into a full dialogue with Kovah, and give you the time and efforts I always intended to this project, and I hope these coming days, will give you the sense of a New Years’ drive and ambition to see InvoicePlane flourish.

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I’m an really sorry to heat that you have been dealt challenges. Strength to you in getting back on your path again.

Don’t feel you need to carry the weight of the project by yourself. We are a team and ll have a vested interest in the success of the project. Let’s share the workload and in so doing create some space to allow your comeback.

Hi Daniel,
very sad to hear this. First, please do not feel forced to compensate any time or money. We all do this in our free time, as a volunteer.
Please contact us on how to proceed and we will find a way to get InvoicePlane back up and free you from any responsibilities.
All the best,

As much as it has been a challenge in the past, I’m now looking forward to the future, and very much hope for myself to keep InvoicePlane apart of mine, indeed a lot of discussions to be had to ensure a more openness to prevent these kinds of situations happening again.