View and Existing Invoice Redirects to /sessions/login


Hi all,

Recently my IP has sort of acted strangely and I’m not sure if it’s some setting Chrome has or not. I’ve noticed Chrome (Win10 PC) likes to cache pages and load the cached version of a page probably in an attempt to “save data” etc. (roll eyes)

When I click on an invoice number in IP to view an existing invoice, it will redirect me to the login page. It loads the login page really quickly, which makes me feel like it is loading a cached copy or something but I can’t find any settings in Chrome to turn this sort of behavior off.

All other actions in IP seem to be working fine, except for when I make a new quote or invoice, if I add new items to the quote and click save, the page details don’t seem to update and again, it seems like it is loading a cached copy of the page. I have to hit F5 to refresh the page and then I see the new alterations I just saved.


  1. Does anyone know any way to check if Chrome is using some cache/data saving mode on PC version of Chrome? I turned off “preload pages for faster browsing” but it doesn’t change it.
  2. I’m using an older version of IP (v1.4.4) would this have any bearing on a problem like this?

Edit: seems like clearing Chromes entire browsing history has helped with the viewing of existing invoices. It’s no longer redirecting to the login page when i click to view an invoice, but it is still not updating quotes/invoices properly after i click Save when doing a new quote or invoice. I have a feeling this is more of a Chrome issue with it trying to use cached pages rather than a problem in IP so i’m happy to groove on that.

Has anyone else got these page refresh issues recently (this year 2019) as it never used to do this until this year. Maybe a Chrome update changed something?


This is the first thing I would “solve” as old versions are not supported. And I honestly dont know the exact behaviour of this version anymore.
Would be better to update to the newest Version (you can find them here --> GitHub pls use 1.5.9)

Well pls check the Chrome Dev-Console (Tab Network) it shows you if it get loaded or if a cached version is getting delivered.

This is related to another problem, which is again related to CodeIgniter (see HERE)

I do not have this issue, but if you are curious about if it is related to Chrome or not, just try to reproduce the issue in FireFox/Edge/Opera etc.