Downloads page or main domain is Down

I am very sorry for the discontinuity of the project. I was about to upgrade to the latest version but the main domain is down. Is there any way to recover the download of the latest version?

Hello @raulfg,

according to Github, the latest release is 1.5.9. You can download it from here

Hurrah ! ! !
The web site is up again ! !

… well not quite there: I suppose, it’s a work in progress !

Thanks @Kovah

The WebPage is up and running, is there anything not not working?
The Wiki is up and running also, but will be updated soon to its latest version with some fixes

It was working then I had an error page from Cloudflare so I suspected it was still a work in progress, as I did not see any official announcement (I thought I blow the whistle a little bit too early).

@raulfg website is back up again. Latest version is 1.5.9 and we’re working hard on 1.5.10 which has compatibility for PHP 7.3