Banking Details

I can’t access the user documentation due to site being down. is there any quick guide as to where I can easily add my banking details (where it’s designed to go) on to my invoice to make an EFT. (Not Online Payment)

Have a look at the contribution made by @Nathan to self host the Wiki.


Did you ever find a solution to adding Bank details?


Hi an easy way could be in Settings >> Invoices you can scroll down to “invoice templates” and set the bank details as PDF Footer.

An other way could be creating a custom template. On how to edit templates, see: Customize Templates - InvoicePlane Wiki

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this will print again and again at each page footer

Hello and welcome back to the InvoicePlane community. Have a look at this post, it should help you Invoice 'PDF Footer' appears on each page when multiple pages - #3 by naui95

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