2fa, Templates, Securing IP


I was wondering Is there someone using 2fa on IP i see some references to it as planned etc but just wondering if there exist something i can adapt now.

Related to this to secure IP i plane to put it behind .passwd any other recommendations or advices ?

The email system how is this supposed to work with the wiki down can’t look up manual. Anyone can give me quick run through ? Or better yet copy of the wiki :slight_smile:

I plan to change product layout since there is afaik no template file for it wat is recommended way to edit this one and keep the changes persistent.

@dutchies here any one integrated mollie within IP so you do not have to exit the system ?

2fa is not supported.

The easiest form might be email verification in the event of new password or new account, coupled with a short expiration time.

Otherwise, if access to the system must be further restricted. implement the htpasswd basic user authentication, which is implemented at web server level.