Main website - down

Hello support

for the last 3 days, I’ve tried to access … no joy… nothing is working
tried different machines and different connections…

just looking to download 1.5.9 release

is it down? anyone else got issues?


Hi @a2zcomputing

Sorry I didn’t finalize the post on here, the server centre has had issues with some of their networking hardware, an upgrade that didn’t go to plan, it’s being worked on as we speak

Wondered aswell but good to hear they work on it.

@a2zcomputing for downloading InvoicePlane pls just visit Git:

And do not even think about downloading version v2.0.0-alpha.1 !!

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Thank-you both … hope you get it sorted.

Is there an upgrade doc from 1.4.6 to 1.5.9 Please

This is incredible, such a long outage for a webserver. But unfortunately this suits the other topics here. Very sad about that.

The way I understand is that the server is hosted on a volunteer basis from one of the members of the community at no cost. Correct me if I am wrong.

We should be thankful for that, and be patient while they resolve their issues.

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I know a good hosting company in germany IONOS (1und1 or englisch “1and1”).
I heard they sometimes sponsor hardware to opensource and freeprojects.

(I for myself does use their servers a lot!)

Should I ask them if they might sponsor a server for this OpenSource & free project?

Also: do you guys have a backup of the Website/Wiki/etc?

Hi @Severenth

If you need hosting my company is willing to offer FREE hosting if we get some marketing out of it.
I think we host approx a few thousand websites ranging from WP, HTML, Joomla, Magento etc. offer is there anyway.

I run a number of kubernetes clusters with free resources. If someone can send me the required specs. I could set something up.

1 Like and seem definitely dead.
Is the current correct place to download the packqge ?

ATM (for now some weeks) we are suffering from a Hardware issue at the main Server.
Yes pls use the Git repository to download IPv1

If you want to use it with PHP 7.2/7.3 there are some fixed here in the forum, just search for.

A number of people on both this forum and slack have come forward with offers of assistance. It will be reassuring to know that at least someone if engaging with them to find alterntive solutions. The ongoing issues does not look good for the project.

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I completely understand and agree with that.
I have spoken to @clockwiseq and @Severenth lets see what will happen, but I think we have to wait for sevenrenths reply on that

Martin is correct. I have asked Severenth for login information so that I can, at bare minimum, put up a maintenance page that explains that we are having trouble at the moment, but he has yet to respond. Crafter, I completely understand the concern as I am quite concerned myself about the downtime that has now passed and am looking at other avenues to try to get the login information for the domain.

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Hello there,

I finally created an account here, as it’s been a month now. I know, that this is an open source project and I really appreciate, what everyone is contributing to this project. But this doesn’t look good for the project, as @crafter said a week ago.

Neither the Wiki nor the Website are up and running again. As a side effect, the integrated updater isn’t working and the Github-project seems to be dead as well. This is really, really sad. So:

Why is it taking @Severenth so long to share the credentials with someone who is willing and able to deal with the situation? Are they the only one with access to the infrastructure? Several people offered their help and resources, but have they ever received an answer?

Edit: As the wiki is available on Github, I just decided to set up my own temporary instance. Please note, that:

  1. I’m not a php-programmer (yet), so basically I have not idea, what I’m doing, but I need a wiki. Nevertheless, there might be some weird redirects to 404-pages of my blog.
  2. I might shut this down at any time.

Lol and I’m so stupid not realising the Wiki is opensource itself. Should have done this before.
Thanks for hosting it.Whenever you decide not to host it anymore pls contact me so I will continue hosting it for making it available to the community.

Why @Severenth not responded? I honestly dont know why… but as it has been since one month since the Website and the other stuff is down. I think something bigger then expected happened. But cant tell for sure as I do not have any informations.

Also just setting everything up on a different domain is a solution but just a termporary one as the project is bounded/connected/linked to this particular domain.

Grüße nach Berlin!


Great move, One that I support given the current challenges with the project.

Truth be told, I was in the process of doing exactly this,

If you do, please make contact so we can have some continuity, There has been offers of assistance from others in this channel and on Slack. All needs not be lost.


I am happy to provide hosting for projects website.
Please reach-out to me.

I am currently working with @M4rt1n and @clockwiseq to solve the hosting issues.

Edit: Website is back up with all needed tools.