Single row table (quote/invoice) with header

If you are interested in having the quotes & invoices tables made of a single line rows and a header, like this :

You need to replace the partial_item_table.php of the application/modules/invoices/views and application/modules/quotes/views. As well as the style.css of the theme, you use.

invoices—partial_item_table.php (19.0 KB)
quotes—partial_item_table.php (13.7 KB)
style.css (210.1 KB)

You should push your changes as a git branch, so that others can easily apply the changes too.

ok, I will do it.

I eventually posted a PR (#701) !

The multi-row item tables were introduced due to users requests because single-line tables were just too dense and could not be viewed on regular monitors or laptop screens.

It’s up to the new maintainers to decide on whether to undo these changes, but instead of moving forth and back, implement a solution where the user can decide which version he want’s to use.

Point taken !
Still nowadays a minimun 1200 pixel wide on any decent screen to work !
The problem is changing the theme does not change the view. I will see what I can do to come over this.