Item and group tax calculated off price and added

It would really help streamlining And simplifying your sales if that option would be available.
In Australia we have a 10% GST rate.
When Customers view products/services pricing, they are Not interested in calculating GST. They want to know what they have to pay, speak, GST is included in the displayed prices.

A product cost $100 (including GST)

In admin there need to be an option to

  1. Calculate GST included
  2. Calculate GST added

option 2 exist, option 1 Not.
It’s simple though; product cost of $100 is divided by 110 and multiplied by 100. This gives you the product price before GST, the difference is the GST.

100/110 is 90.91 (item cost before GST)
GST then is the difference, speak $9,09
added, it makes up the sales price of $100.

Simple mathematics = simple streamlined quoting/invoicing.

Would really help getting better organised in your accounting