Item Sale Input - with invoice creation

What I’d love to see is a Sale input option. Let me elaborate.
100 items/services in product list, plus several customers/clients
Today I sell 5 items to customer D
Item 1: 1x
Item 2/option 2: 1x
Item 2/option 3: 2x
Item 3: 1x
In admin, I search for and check the five [5] items which I sold (with correct option). A drop-down allows me to add these 5 items to the customer of choice.

Another drop-down will allow me to [a] generate an invoice or [b] generate invoice later.

Latter option, option [b], will keep the items in a customer sales “outstanding inventory”. The next sale to the same customer will add the newly sold items to that sales list and accumulate all sales. When ready, an invoice is created.

Like in my case, I have customers on account. They order/buy weekly but get invoiced monthly.

This upgrade would be an enormous feature upgrade to the current invoiceplane.

If I understand you correctly, you only want to invoice the client at the end of the month. However, during the course of the month you want to delivery good and services that you want to record?

IP does support placing your invoice in a draft state. Will that not work for you?

When your customers buy from you during the month, what documentation do you provide them?

Sounds more like invoicing each purchase but at the end of the month send a statement with a list of unpaid invoices.

The business practice is what needs clarified. Is this an industry standard business practice? If so, maybe it can be adopted in IPv2. If not, maybe a local custom module


Yep, having customers on a 30-days (45, 60) account is quite common, especially with your regulars.