IP PDF Template (Force 2d Page)

Do you develop IP for a client whose lawyer demands a set of terms/disclaimers be added to the invoice? Do you want it on a page by itself like an attachment?

Here is an example of how to do it. This example is for invoice specific terms.

  1. Create a custom field called something similar to ‘fineprint’ and associate it with the invoice or quote.

  2. Define a CSS class in the templates.css file
    NOTE: You can add the ‘after’ too if you need the legaleese on a standalone page and want extra stuff on a third page.

.terms {
				page-break-before: always;
  1. Add the lines to the invoice IP template after the ‘footer’ section and before the ‘body’ end tag.

<div class="terms">
	<div class="notes">
            <b><?php _trans('fineprint'); ?></b><br/>
            <?php if (!empty($custom_fields['invoice']['fineprint'])) {echo $custom_fields['invoice']['fineprint'];} ?>


IF you want the text on this fineprint section to be much smaller than the ‘notes’ section in the footer. you can add those conditions to the new ‘terms’ class you created and omit the notes division i borrowed and put into the terms division.

it’s not really working :l

I believe you have it working now. For anyone who follows this, use the css files, not the sass files.

any change you would be willing to put it all in basic set of files ? I like to add it to template repository

Feel free.