Packing List Template


Hello. My instance of IP at the moment is for a wholesale client. He gives the invoice to the purchaser (corporate) and a packing list to the retailer (store manager). It wasn’t hard to create and here is how I did it if others are interested in it.

  1. Updated Invoice Controller
public function generate_pkgpdf($invoice_id, $stream = true, $invoice_template = 'packingList.php')

        generate_invoice_pdf($invoice_id, $stream, $invoice_template, null);
  1. duplicated the default invoiceplane template, renamed it to ‘packingList.php’, and stripped the price columns out.

  2. added an additional headerbar option item in the ‘view’ invoice view
    –not so clean but does the trick.

                    <a href="../generate_pkgpdf/<?=$invoice_id?>" target="blank">
                        <i class="fa fa-print fa-margin"></i>
                        Packing List


Good contribution. I suppose the same can apply for a delivery note.

This might be handy to keep around if/when inventory management is introduced.