Hi , i am not a full on developer but have learned a few stuff and wanted to share my template with you

the template layout is much the same as IP template but i have builded on that

the client name is now seprate from the surname for the use of example
Att: Jhon

and the template will detect if there is tax on the invoice and change the lable from example
Invoice 13
Tax invoice 13

if there is no tax applicable the name will be Invoice 13

and the discount has been removed from the view but you can enable if you like to

small changes but could help someone .

Enjoy !!

Please remember to insert below in the array
‘att’ => ‘Att’,
in the ip_lang.php file


Thanks for sharing but previews (pictures) how it looks would be nice, so everyone can device if he likes it or not befor downloading :wink:


Please not i have not uploaded a logo on these previews (this is my development system)

Web view

^with tax


^without tax


PDF view

^with tax


^without tax