User Accounts, dead?

Are the user accounts dead?
Because Users I setup get an error page when tying to sign up saying that this account is not configured (whatever that should mean).

Then, when trying to assign clients to a user, that page seems dead, too, because I get a blank white page, no clients listed, nothing, a couple of headers, yes, but that’s it.

Actually, when I took a look at the user account function, initially I thought it’s for the client, so they can log in and view their purchase/payment history. I will open a feature request for that, separately.

Back to the issue, doesn’t really affect me since - if that’s all a user can do, view everything - I don’t need that function. Even if I assign my clients to be each a user, too, what’s the point for them to “View” everything. All I wanted them to “See” is their own business. They have nothing to view about my other clients. Doesn’t make any sense to me.

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