Product to invoice

Tried the online demo and was impressed, really, until;
I hit the invoice creation .
What wonders me is: 'Why" the efforts of setting up products when then, during creating a new invoice you can’t add Any of the sat up products and you’re required to input everything about the product, manually. Having said that, I can just write anything I want, not relating to Any product that is in the inventory list.

Doesn’t make any sense to me.

Create an invoice >
you get to choose from the list of clients (even auto fill, how nice is that?!) which client this invoice should be made up for.
Nice one, indeed!

Why can’t we do the same thing with adding products to the invoice?

Is it just me?


Ops, just used another browser (Safari) and got a window popping up with all the products, even could filter the categories. Nice!

Forget what I said in this thread - However -

Auto Update would be nice (e.g.; when changing quantity)