Kundendaten exportieren


Hallo zusammen

Habe ich irgendwo den Button oder eine Einstellung übersehen? Oder bietet InvoicePlane wirklich keine Möglichkeit an, z.B. Kundendaten oder Kontaktdaten zu exportieren? (Ich meine Adressen, nicht Rechnungen oder ähnliches).

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No export. No.


Thank you very much for your answer. Too bad, but unfortunately I have to switch from Invoiceplane to another software after many years.


The reason why there is no export is that there was not a strong enough need to support this. There is a feature request by the way to export to CVS and UBL.

You may find other software will have X but not Y. You will never find a system that includes all features for everybody.

It’s an open source product. You can easily write an export.