Part-Payment Option

Please is there a way to implement part-payment on IP whereby on creating new Product family, merchant can state if part-payment is allowed or not for that product and how many percentage of total payment is acceptable? This in turn would display Part-Payment when viewing on the dashboard?


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Could you explain a little bit better what you mean?

I understand that you want to enable a partly payment which means:
an item costs 20 $ but the client can only pay 10 $ now and 10 $ later.

Is that right?

Currently, all invoices issued by a merchant can be paid either in full or in part as you rightly mentioned or understood and to which you correctly explained it above.

What I actually meant however, was having a merchant specify if he or she wants the payment partially paid or in full. What this means is that if a merchant selects or clicks to check a ‘Enable Partial Payment’ check box, a field is displayed allowing merchant to enter the percentage partial payment acceptable.

On the other hand if ‘Enable Partial Payment’ is not checked, then the customer cannot pay partial payment but must pay in full.

Ahh okay! I understand.

@bigtt, that was exactly what i’m searching for. Currently i solve this by giving 50% discount, or creating 2 orders.

At my current invoicing app there was this feature too splitting the payment either in several pieces Amount or Percentate Vise into however much pieces.

Such as 10% x 10
or first part 30%, next part 50 %, last part 20%
or 50 Eur x 5

I actually didn’t use it much, just maybe once when a customer insisted paying half in advance so he does not owe me too much at once.

However I also would see this possibility because you never know when you need it again.


Its important feature, so is it in you development road map?

I’m managing payments offline (Clients do not use IP’s payment system, I update in IP after receiving payment).
When a client pays partial payment, I am able to update the payment for the invoice partially. The invoice PDF is updated to reflect the balance amount. But in the dashboard, the invoice is marked as paid! And in the overview, I’m not able to look at the total amount pending from these partially paid invoices.

A dashboard with these numbers would be perfect!

I am looking for essential the same functionality but would use it to agree a payment plan with clients, for example if they are invoiced for £6000 i may agree with them in the payment terms that they can pay in instalments, e.g £1500 a month for 4 months.
What I think may work well would be a child/sub/instalment invoice which could be sent each month for the payment, so there are 4 payment due dates, alternatively rather than a child invoice, could just have a background table, holding payment steps for invoice #xxxx which would consist of a due data and status, and could just fire off an email x day before installment due to remind them