How can i add text in the body of a email

Hi people,

so far i like to use this invoice program, but as of today i recieve multiple errors in sending emails.

the host made changes with spam filter

so now i need to add text in the body of the sended email.
but i cant figure out where to do that or find it

i use ip v1.5.9

i want to ad in dutch

attached invoice pdf
with kind regards,

my company name

in advanced thanks for helping

Even im searching for same solution

i have the answer and it is indeed very easy

let me explain

1 go to the email_template at your settings bar

2 click new template

3 at the title give the template a name

4 go down to the square box where you could add {{{id}} ( like in the send invoice to mail option)

5 put there what you want to show in email body

and save the template

6 go to system settings

7 then at the invoice tab go to email-template ( 3rd square at that form)
8 at the right side you can choose you see 3 dropdown bars
the first 1 you can choose the template you just create ( now that template wil be by default the template to use when you email)

save it and there you have it text at the email body
thanks to @Martin Anonym who helped me today at slack

i know it know and ill explain
with thanks to @ Martin Anonym of slack

i translate from dutch now so maybe some words aren’t complete the same but i try to add photo’s

1 go to email_template at the right corner of settings
2 add new ( template)
3 in title bar add the name you want to give to the template ( i named mine: email with text)
4 go down to the first square ( same as where you can put {{{id}}} when you want send mail or guest url)

5 put there the text you want to show in email body
6 save it

go to system settings

7 invoice tab
8 on the 3rd square right side of the box
use the first dropdown to select your template and save it

this template will be used by default so automaticly the text wil be added

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