Session logout Everytime When Click on any link but Perfectly Work on localhost

Hi There

I am New At invoice plan now i am facing an issue that whenever i click on any link like(create invoice ,creat product) invoice plan going to logout

There has been a few reports of this. Unfortunately it all seems to point to an issue with session management in Code Igniter, the underlying framework.

On quick check, especially if you say this works on localhost, is see if the site is not switching between www.domain.ext and domain.ext as this is know to cause issues, especially if it does not match your url in ipconfig.php

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Anny body fond a solution to this problem ?

I am also new to IP and first I installed on local server and it was working fine but ever since I moved it to our online server its logging us out. There is no fixed pattern but it is very annoying to be logged out just when you are working actively.

Our development team will look into it and I will let you know if we find the issue. Meanwhile if anyone has any clues please share.

We solved the problem here, it was happening because of Cloudflare - we disabled Cloudflare on the side and it’s not logging us out anymore. I hope that helps someone else as well.

Pls do not disable CloudFlare. Disableing something is never a solution but more a “workaround”.

Here I opened the same topic half a year ago and solved it.

Pls have a read and try to solve it like this. But disabeling something always brings disadvanteges.
CloudFlare for example hides the IP of your origin Server and boosts the speed and security of your Server and Application.

Thank you for the information. We checked it and will deploy it. Thanks again

Pls just check if you hit your WebApplication if your ServerLog does show the correct IP.
If it does it will no longer randomly log you out.