Customized Menu Bar

Hi Kovah,

Please could you help me out with how to edit the menu bar and change the listings (see screen attached).

Thank you

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Edit the file /application/modules/layout/views/layout.php you can find the menu in the navbar container.

Thanks boss. I tried it but each time the edited menu disappears. For example, I’m trying to change ‘Invoices’ to ‘Bills’ and when I do it here (see below)

Invoices disappears from the menu.

For this you can edit the language file?

Sorry I don’t understand …can you direct me to the particular file?

For the English language:

the file: application/language/english/ip_lang.php

In this file are the language vars

Search for: invoices and change to Bills

‘invoices’ => ‘Invoices’,


‘invoices’ => ‘Bills’,

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Thanks a lot buddy. Worked great.

Any idea the use for merchant_lang.php? I see listed many payment options. Can I use this to add a new one not listed?

DO NOT change the language file!
The ability to add custom language string will be added in the next version.

Ok is this warning for the ip_lang.php or for the merchant_lang.php file? Works great after changing ip_lang.php file though.

For both as all changes will be overridden by updates.

Ok I get you now. I will try and make sure I replicate changes each time :blush: