Problem with Reverse Proxy Whitelist


I’ve setup my InvoicePlane and it works completely fine locally. Love the product, really stable! The only issue I’m experiencing now is the fact that I can’t connect to it remotely now. The InvoicePlane server is running behind a reverse proxy where the config is ready. I’ve tested it locally to access the InvoicePlane with the domain provided in the reverse proxy nginx config file.

Accessing domain locally: -> redirects to the IP of the InvoiePlane and what port it listens on.

In theory, this should work from everyone outside of my WAN. Once I test it outside of my WAN it tries to connect to the InvoicePlane internal IP which seems to me to be a problem with whitelisting reverse proxy? With the other reverse proxy configs I have, the setup is exactly the same where it connects first to the reverse proxy, then it passes over to ther other server’s IP and port without letting the visitor notice. So how do I whitelist the reverse proxy in the config.php? So many different ways people have done it and none of them works for me.

Here is the Reverse Proxy IPs part in my config.php

$config['proxy_ips'] = env(',');

Reverse Proxy Server =

I’ll tag my domain specialists in this one: @crafter @Remko_Jansen

Lol @UnderDog. I don’t know about specialists.

Change application/config/config.php back to
$config['proxy_ips'] = env('PROXY_IPS', '');

And add the following line to your ipconfig.php (Use the correct address obviously)



Thank you!

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