Private line items in Quotes?

I just installed 1.5.9 and set up my first client. Looks nice.

Is there a way to make a quote with private line items that only show to me? For example I use equipment from rental stores and would like to keep track of these kinds of expenses without showing it all to my customer.

Is there a way to do this in a Quote? Or would I have two quotes for each customer, a private one with my actual costs and another a little less detailed for the client?

Welcome to InvoicePlane.

I am wondering about your use case for the private line items. Quotations are generally Client-focused documents which means all items are for the use of clients in the evaluation of your proposal to do business.

Someone contributed code for expenses which is not accepted into the core yet. Please search for and evaluate if this is not more suited for your needs. (I do recall some discussion of the code applying to creditors rather than debtors [or the other way around] so look out for that in your evaluation.)

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I do land clearing and grading. So my expenses may included roll-off containers, loads of fill dirt, leased equipment and so on. It’s good for me to know what I have in a job so I know that my quotes are leaving me enough profit. My customers don’t need to see every detailed internal cost item either. I just want to give them a simplified overall quote.