Data import from WooCommerce use case

Hello everyone,

Here is my use case;

This is my second attempt to import (csv) data from my current system to InvoicePlane. I tried it 2 years ago and I failed.

My data source is woo-commerce, I have SQL scripts that extract the data from the woo-commerce DB and then I generate my .csv files according to this documentation: / system / data-importing

I wonder about the following points:

  1. Can I import csv separately or do I have to import all csv files into one batch?
  2. Is the import more stable than before because there are some articles that deal with import problems?

Tell me about your import experiences. If I succeed, I will publish my SQL scripts for an ETL between woo-commerce and invoiceplane


Stéphane Gagnon

If you look at application/modules/import/models/Mdl_import.php
you will see that the records are appended, so you won’t lose existing records.

It should therefore be ok to import files one by one. You will just have to use the same file name each time.

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I successfully imported my datas.
I can now trash woo-commerce for InvoicePlane
I’ll be back with the queries I used to create my csv files

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My scripts are now available here :point_right:

Thank you so much… I had the same problem

No problems ! My scripts are a good start. Sure they need to be adjust to have a clean datasource. Scripts don’t manager refund so take care of that

Wow, great job man!
Question for the future: does woocommerce have like a tool to insert example data (like a seeder) so we can make an import script if needed? Or is your nice SQL scripts more than enough?
I don’t have a woocommerce shop, I just want one (with dummy data), to integrate with Invoiceplane if needed

Thanks !
I think there is an import procedure here :

My SQL scripts just extract the datas from woocommerce, it’s a one-way-shot