Unable to find an available encryption driver

Version 1.5.9 – did an install on Windows 10 (ugh, I know, but have no choice in this scenario)…Apache24, PHP7, and Mysql.

We’re able to go through setup, install and upgrade tables and then create a user…but after that screen we get white text on a red background:

An Error Was Encountered

Encryption: Unable to find an available encryption driver.

I’ve searched a bit but can’t find any information. Anyone have any ideas?

Do you have the mcrypt PHP library installed?

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mcrypt has been deprecated. PHP 7.2 and above apparently no longer have it, and there’s not a good solution that I have found in getting it to run on Windows, bar going down to previous PHP versions like 5.5.

So I don’t think invoiceplane can be run on modern Windows operating systems.

So it’s deprecated, that means it’s still in there.
In PHP 7.2 and 7.3 I can run my InvoicePlane fine.

Of course you can use the usual solution running it on windows, by using and running Docker Containers, but that speaks for itself

Hey @UnderDog – the mcrypt.dll file is missing, so deprecated is the wrong word.

And docker on Windows requires Windows 10 Pro, and of course, this particular machine is Windows 10 standard.

In any case, there are differences in PHP on Windows (you have to point to DLLs for one) so it’s not as simple as it is on Linux. I’m looking into alternative infrastructure.