Redirect to after set DISABLE_SETUP=true

When finish my installation I am able to login to dashboard. After I set DISABLE_SETUP=true in ipconfig.php all pages redirect to ask to setup again.
I have tried to reinstall few times still the same issue. Please assist me to solve it.
Thank you

Try this

# Set to true after the initial setup
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Set this in ipconfig.php?

Correct. If you take the time to read the full ipconfig file. you will see it there (Last line of the file)

Thanks for your advice. I have check my ipconfig.php, it is already set as SETUP_COMPLETED=true

Now, I still set it as DISABLE_SETUP=false. I just redirect to my It was temporary preventing setup. Is it secure enough?

That should work. I suppose if you want it secure enough, you can always remove or rename the “application/modules/setup/” directory.

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Thank you so munch.

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