Random LogOuts (CloudFlare)

I’m using CloudFlare and InvoicePlane.

Everything works absolutely fine but I get loged out randomly every x mins.

This would not be a problem, but when I view a quote/invoice and got loged out befor it gets analysed as the receiver opened it and then it get tagged as “viewed”.

Does someone else have this problem and how could it get solved?

Just searched a bit and found this:

cPanel random LogOuts since CloudFlare

Is InvoicePlane also using “Cookie IP Validation”?
If so, is there a way to disable this?

I have solved this issue, pls keep ion mind this issue is not just “random logouts” but also combined with CloudFlare (or any ReverseProxy)

Here is what you have to do:

  1. Update to the latest version (atm 1.5.9)
  2. install “mod_cloudflare” on your Server (available for nginx and Apache)
  3. restart your Webserver/s and check if the Log shows your real IP.

if you are using a ReverseProxy CDN Service the IP you are hitting your Server may change at every single request as your Real IP does not get shown but one of your ReverseProxy CDN Service.

To prevent this you have to make sure your Real IP (which will not change within a session) will be forwarded to your Server so the Server knows its still you and will not log you off automatically.

Hope that helps

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