Import Function for Customers and Invoices

I am using the latest version.I am trying to upload customers data and invoice details from a csv file. I want the customers data to be inserted in database. Also i want to get the invoices generated from the data present in the csv file. I don’t want to create invoices one at a time.
I have already read similar posts but couldn’t understand. Can someone guide me step by step on how to do it. Also if someone can upload the structure of csv file then it will be really helpful.

Thanks a lot!!

I don’t have time to look at it until the weekend… when I wanted to import my things … as an example file I made an export of for example my customers and invoices (having created 1 client and 1 invoice) then I used that to import other clients and invoices

Create 1 client &invoice, then export.
In your ‘import’ files add, for example, 5 clients and invoices
See if it will import. At any errors any screenshots will help.
Then import the rest

Thanks. Did you get a chance to look at it??


Please have a look at the following WIKI page

Basically you place your files in the import directory and navigate to the Import page on the menu. The files will show up in the listing.

The WIKI page contains the format of the CSV files.

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