Problem with Cron

I followed how to setup cron using this link

My URL and Key are correct but somehow it is till not working

To confirm this, I tried putting the URL in a browser and I get a 404 not found.
I also tried running different linux command to run it

Then I looked inside the server and I do not even see a cron or recur files or folders. When I go to the invoices folder, I only see controllers, models and views folders…

So what am I missing?

I answered here, because you gave more information in that post

Thank you very much! It is absolutely working now.

Wasnt sure why it needed an index.php for my site.

Now that cron has been executed, the next thing I noticed that by default, the invoices created is in draft.
Is it possible to send the email automatically?

Yeah I think I have found it under System Data > Invoices > Email Settings