Help with local access

Hi guys im new to InvoicePlane just done a fresh install everything working great except I cannot access/view it on the other pcs on the network, I am using XAMPP for PHP and apache

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

When you are using xampp it means you installed it on your local PC. Find out the IP address of your local PC. Then on another PC in the network go to http://ip-of-your-xampp/ and let’s see if it shows a website

is there another method of setting this software up in a server environment so I can access it from other pcs on the network


I can now connect to my XAMPP via the web browser on a different laptop on the same network, how do I connect to my invoiceplane now?

thanks for your help

in your xampp where did you install invoiceplane? The fastest (not best) way is in /htdocs, so on your PC: c:\xampp\htdocs (if I can remember it was that location) then invoiceplane in c:\xampp\htdocs\invoiceplane,
So from other PC’s in your network it would be:
let’s see if that works.

hi underdog thank you I have done it now, Changed the config.php to

now I can access it on my other laptop :slight_smile:

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