Cron job setup trouble


I generated a cron-key and handmade the following folder:
This folder has 755 permissions. If I browse to this folder, I get a 404 error.
After this I made a recurring invoice and added a cronjob according the manual.
Still I does not work. Anyone any tips?
THX Freek

@crafter can you help with this one please?

The issue looks resolved to me @UnderDog.

I am testing it now. I will keep you informed. THX Freek

It still does not work unfortunately.
I am a little confused. Do I make a file (cron key) in the invoices/cron/recur folder or do I make a folder named (cron key)? I tried both, setup recurring invoices (and the show up in the recurring invoices report) and made the cron job. Still no luck…

This has the steps you need to take.

As a summary.

  • You need to create a key which you then keep a safe copy of. There is no need to save this onto a file. You decide the best way to remember the key. It will serve like a type of password (since you do not have to log in to use cron jobs).
  • You must then call the URL from your scheduling tool. This URL must include your key to tell the server this is a legitimate request.

The format of the URL is (where we enter the key you created in the URL).

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Hi. It works now. There was an error in the Cron job. THX for the great support. Freek

hi. I have the same problem. Hopefully someone can help.

This is my cron link

I get a 404. Unlike yours which has Wrong cron key!
Not sure if there is a problem with the setting or have missed out something

You main site url is

Therefore your cron site url must be

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