Bug in Overdue Invoices link displayed on the Dashboard

IP 1.3.1 installed in ip subdirectory in XAMPP (http://localhost/ip) and works fine with apache directive RewriteBase /ip/ in .htaccess at the root directory of IP.

When there are Overdue Invoices, a link appears on the Dashboard that when clicked should go to the overdue invoice list. This link does not work, it points to /invoices/status/overdue instead of /[SUBDIR]/invoices/status/overdue

Bug can be reproduced: Always when IP is installed in subdirectory like http://localhost/ip
Browsers: Chromium v43.0.2357.16 64bit, Firefox 37.01
OS: Win 7 64Bit
IP Version: 1.3.1
Corrections applied: this correction.
Installed on: XAMPP for Windows